Here is a video of my little cousin Girlie #2. This is (as my aunt and uncle call it): Girlie #2's Surveillance Footage. Sorry that the video screen is so big. It was on Google Drive and I had a hard time figuring out how to post it. If you press full screen it works (because it's 'full screen') If you have a better idea of how to do it, please comment.
This is a little mini photo gallery of boy #1. Some of these pictures are a little old now, but I hope you enjoy anyway! I hope to keep adding more.

Here are some pictures of my cousin: girlie #2. I hope you like them. Please comment if you think they are cute. I hope to keep adding more. I also have a small contest at the bottom. (click 'read more' to see more)

Here's a sneak peak of the photo galleries I will post of girlie #1 and a separate one of boy #1. I hope you enjoy!

Even though my dad's Hispanic (Central America) my mom says he looks a little Arabic. Weird!
Here's a cool fact about me: my dad is from Central America and my mom is from the US. I have family in the USA, in Central America, in Ireland and sometimes I feel like every where. Most of my mom's side is in the states but spread out!

Remember at first I said my family's crazy. You don't even see half of it here. This is a video of us getting together trying to take one photo.
If you watched the video below you might have noticed that the older baby was sucking on a red ball. Let's call her girlie #1, and the other girl girlie #2 and the little boy boy #1. I don't know who says I might not have some more cousins? Anyway girlie #2 sucks on everything! She wasn't sucking, she was trying to eat it! She is adorable but she has a problem, no I'm just kidding all babies do that. I didn't get rid of my pasifire until I was like two, and my parents had to trick me! Yes I know, it runs in the family (sucking). One time she tried to eat a beach ball. It was like the size of her when she sat down.




I told you I would just call all my videos "Awww"! Anyway these are my two little cousins. It was thanksgiving (about: 20th of Nov. 2012). It was a while ago, the tinier one with the hat is turning one in July, the bigger one on her stomach on the floor just turned one March 25. Babies grow fast! I just wanted you to know my uncle Mike posted this videos on Youtube and I got permission to put them on my website.




Above I have a link to the Youtube page, where you can find most of the videos on this page.


    I don't think I need to write another paragraph about myself. Go to my blog page or my home page if you want a thing about me. I only need to say one thing. I love my family!