If you watched the video below you might have noticed that the older baby was sucking on a red ball. Let's call her girlie #1, and the other girl girlie #2 and the little boy boy #1. I don't know who says I might not have some more cousins? Anyway girlie #2 sucks on everything! She wasn't sucking, she was trying to eat it! She is adorable but she has a problem, no I'm just kidding all babies do that. I didn't get rid of my pasifire until I was like two, and my parents had to trick me! Yes I know, it runs in the family (sucking). One time she tried to eat a beach ball. It was like the size of her when she sat down.

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    I don't think I need to write another paragraph about myself. Go to my blog page or my home page if you want a thing about me. I only need to say one thing. I love my family!