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This weeks song of the week (6/9/13 - 6/15/13) is ba-dum-da-dum-da-dA-da-da-di-do-dee-ki-moo. Is Radio Active by Imagine Dragons. I just think this is an interesting song. I like it, a little different. A fast but slow tempo.
Have you ever tried karaoke? You probably have seen lyric videos. You can sing along to the words, but the artist is singing too. Karaoke is when there is the words and there is usually some sort of marking to show where you are. But there is no singer, just the instrumental. If you like singing I recommend to try this! It's really fun! Who cares if you mess up or sound horrible. As long as your having fun and laughing right along, it's awesome! I put a video below ( ) but if you want another singer or song just type in (at Youtube) : (song) (artist) karaoke. it might take a bit of searching but you should be able to find it. I hope you do, and have fun!
THIS weeks song of the week is... (6/1/13-6/8/13)... 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz! I had some trouble finding a song for this week. I couldn't decide! But I had heard it on the radio (finally!) and I was like, "It's been so long since I've this song! I love it!!".
Sorry about being so bad about the song of the week. It's not always a week... And again if you have any suggestions or comment about my blog. If you like an artist and want me to make a page, or you have an idea for the song of the week or anything. Please comment!
This song of the week (5/26/13-5/30/13) is... [drum roll please].... well first I wanted to say I just really like this song. It has a really nice tune that makes you want to sing along and dance. It also makes me think of... Indian music. It's different. I don't know which one of her songs I like better.. this one I know I like. Oh yeah, today's song is 'Come And Get It' Selena Gomez!
This weeks (5/19/13 -  5/25/13) song of the week is.... 'Heart Attack' by Demi Lavato. I like the song (4 stars). I thought this lyric video might mix it up a bit...
Click Here to go to Youtube to see a lyric video that you can sing a long to.
This weeks song of the week (5/12/13 - 5/18/13) is.... 'A Perfectly Good Heart' by Taylor Swift. I just discovered it while I was sort of randomly searching Youtube with Taylor Swift. I really like the song, I don't really know why.
I also really like this lyric video that this person made. I think the backround is really cool. And the timing is really good, that's something that hard to find in lyric videos. Sorry about the Selena Gomez part at the end, came with the video. I like it though.
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This weeks ( 5/5/13 - 5/11/13) song of the week is (bum-bum-b-da-bum-ba-da-dum!, drum roll please)....  Thrift Shop, by Macklemore. I know I said I don't like it, I don't really. But, it literately plays on the radio every 20 minutes! I keep getting it stuff in my head!

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