I have this poem on my Home page, but since this poem is about music it should also be on my music page. I wrote it myself:
I'm A Music Listener
by me

When I hear music
I don't just hear it in my ears
I hear it in my heart
I hear the moral of the song beneath the song
the real song
The real song that lets me feel the feelings of it all
The song that makes me want to
Just go play outside
The song that finds the happy in me
even the saddest tune can find the happiness in me
'Cause I'm a music listener
and i don't just hear music in my ears
I can lay down
lose my eyes
and listen
Listen not only for the beat
But for the words
And true feeling
Music is more than just a tune
It's feeling
to the singer
to the writer it means something
something deep
something that throws their emotion
 right out there in the open
the real song
I'm a music listener
and i don't just hear music in my ears

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    I love music, my dream is to become a singer. Not a really famous one. Just one that sings in coffee shops. One that when people had visitors from out of town, and they want to eat out they say,"Hey we should see if Lucy's playing anywhere this week. She is a really talented girl who sometimes sings..."


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