My friend Emma D. is over with Emma's Blog. She isn't deleting it from the internet, you can still look at it. But she isn't working on it anymore. :"(.
I wanted to remind people (if you don't already know) that if you have a question or comment on any of the pages you can comment on this page (it's a little easier with random stuff on this page). Please and thank you.
I also wanted to say that sometimes I say comment or please make a suggestion. If there were another way of communicating I might use it. I would use my email... but I'm 11 and I don't want any kind of virus or SPAM. Also if for any reason you don't want your comment posted on my blog just say so at the bottom of the comment. I can read it and not show it on my blog or even delete it.
I just wanted to take some time to recognize all the people who have helped me...
Just kidding, I  mean it was sort of real but not.... anyway...
I just hope that people who read my blog like it. I want to know what you like about it. Do you like my softball page? My music stuff? I don't know. Please tell me in a comment.
If I'm not blogging as much, I'm sorry! There's a couple of reasons, the main one being my mom cut my computer privileges to only two hours a day! Plus I've been super busy writing my book, going to the pool, softball and doing summer fun outside!
I'm very sorry that every time you come onto this page you hear loud music. It is just that game, 'Smashing' I posted. Just mute you device or PC. The game is at the bottom of this page. Soon to be on a 'previous' page.
When I first started my website, I was in school. Now I'm not. I am trying to decide what to call my website. I want you to vote. Say 'yes' or 'no' and if you say yes please comment to send your suggestion. Thanks!!! =D

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I am out of school! No more (until August)! I will never have to go back (until school starts again)! Never Ever (ever heard of stretching the truth, or a little happiness)! Any way... SUMMER VACATION!!!! =D
Today at school it was Field Day! We had lots of competitions. There are two teams Rebels (GO REBELS!!!!) and Virginians (boo). We lost (by like four points)! But it doesn't matter, it was fun (at least I had fun). I want to have good sportsmanship about this, even though we lost it's the spirit of it the fun the friendly competition that makes it Field day! GO REBELS!!!!!

-"Hi." said Lucy F.
Today I went on a field trip, we went to Monticello! It was a long ride but loads of fun! I learned so much an got a post card booklet of 33 different post cards of Monticello in the gift shop! There is just so much too learn. Here are a couple of cool facts I  learned (well, some I already knew):
  • It was the home of Thomas Jefferson
  • He was our third president
  • He might of had a child with one of his slaves (once his wife died)
  • he died at the age of 83 (pretty old back then!)
  • even though he tried to abolish slavery he would still own over 600 slaves in his lifetime. Only freeing five of them.
  • He bought a lot of strange things, he at one point in his life owed about what would today be about 1-2 million dollars, in debt.
  • he was wealthy (at times, look above)
  • he owed A LOT  of land, all over the place
  • He could speak, understand, read and write in seven different languages.
  • more than 66% of the the things at/ in Monticello are original


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