Today I went on a field trip, we went to Monticello! It was a long ride but loads of fun! I learned so much an got a post card booklet of 33 different post cards of Monticello in the gift shop! There is just so much too learn. Here are a couple of cool facts I  learned (well, some I already knew):
  • It was the home of Thomas Jefferson
  • He was our third president
  • He might of had a child with one of his slaves (once his wife died)
  • he died at the age of 83 (pretty old back then!)
  • even though he tried to abolish slavery he would still own over 600 slaves in his lifetime. Only freeing five of them.
  • He bought a lot of strange things, he at one point in his life owed about what would today be about 1-2 million dollars, in debt.
  • he was wealthy (at times, look above)
  • he owed A LOT  of land, all over the place
  • He could speak, understand, read and write in seven different languages.
  • more than 66% of the the things at/ in Monticello are original


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