***** (5 stars)
At first I was shy, but then I didn't want to leave. I had done so much that summer, seen Harris get into so much trouble. I had seen Glennis thwacked him too many times. I had gotten kicked by cow, wrestled by a rooster but mostly I  watched: Harris practically get electrocuted, thrown off a horse he jumped onto, swing on a old rope like Tarzan, throw corn at my head and do so much I can't count it. I almost forgot, then there's Louie and buzzer... and Nuet... and Clair and well everybody else on the farm.
Harris and Me  is by Gary Paulson. I recommend this for a bit older readers maybe 4th through 6th grade. But my librarian reads it every year and she still thinks it's hilarious. I think it's for anybody above the grade of 4th. It has some mildly inappropriate humor, just a very tiny bit. I think Harris and Me is just one of those laugh out loud books!

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