****- (4 stars)
"We could be in Hawaii right now." But no, Bob's boss is counting on him to right a presentation and convince this company to work with them. Jamie (Bob's wife) and their two kids thought their summer was going to be spent in Hawaii. Now they're in an RV on their way to Colorado. On this trip they: come closer as a family, almost slip up as a family, meet the strangest most annoyingly perky family on the planet, sink a rented RV and watch their father get sprayed with poop.
I recommend this for a little big of an older audience is is rated PG. There is nothing bad in this move just some jokes younger children might not understand. It is a hilarious, laugh out loud move that can be fun for the whole family (except for one scene for mothers with weak stomachs). It is just funny and it's one of those movies you, like, know "That will never happen."

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