"Look at that creepy lookin' kid over there."- "did you see him?"- "*wow*". Yup, this is my everyday life.I am August, I think myself as a normal boy, but other people don't see me that way. I have a... "slightly different" face And now I have to go to middle school. ~August

Hi, I'm Via. I am a normal not very popular high school girl. The only thing that makes me different is that my brother looks a little different... yeah, different. ~Olivia

The first time I sat down with him at lunch and talked to him, I admit I was a little nervous. August face is a little weird... but he's really an awesome guy! ~Summer
There are even more characters waiting for you in the book of Wonder! Wonder is an amazing story. It made me feel happy, sad and I really felt some feeling. Wonder by R.J Palico is a book I recommend for you (4th-6th graders)". If you like touching stories, stories with 'more than one boring plot', stories with different points of view, I think you'd like this book. This is a book I think a lot of people would like. I give it ***** (5 stars)! It is a great book and I think everyone should read it!!!

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