Softball season is over! We had our last game Thursday (the 6th), we ad a big end of the season picnic... all done! But practice isn't. I practice as much as I can in my back yard and such. And it's true with any sport. When the seasons over it doesn't mean the fun should. If you play any sport you can still practice even when it's over. If in the summer there's no basketball play in your driveway or school gym or anyway that you can. You can also practice stretches to help you keep in shape.
I think now, I am officially scared of the ball. It's a huge, HARD bright yellow ball! Can you really blame me? I got hit hard in the thigh while I was batting (I got a big fat bruise, that girl has an arm!) then I got hit in the neck/jaw/right/shoulder all at the same time (like I said, big ball), we were warming up and a girl threw from 3rd to 1st. But I still pitched that inning. We still won, I feel a lot of girls got hit on our team today, but we still gave 110%!

Here is a chart of my softball games, ‘wins and losses’. I will highlight our number to make it easier. I am starting April 27, 2013. I have had other games but I can’t remember the scores (L, I had my first game 4/20/13-this season-). We have games Monday, Thursday and Saturday, if we don’t have a game we have practice.






6 - 5
8 - 7

5 - 3
6 - 1
11 - 0



13 - 7

8 - 7

10 - 9
This Saturday (5/31/13) I am pitching! There is one girl who is the '1st' pitcher, that means she pitches four inning unless something weird happens, if there is a 5th inning I pitch. There are quite a few girls who want to pitch on my team (5 girls) but me and her are the ones that mostly pitch in games. There is one girl who sometimes, but right now the other girls are still practicing. I am really excited, I do a fast pitch (windmill).
We had a great game today, we won (by a lot). I asked in the beginning of the first inning and it was 10-1, we did 5 innings. But I do not know what the score was at the end of the game (we got through 8/10 batters). I was left field the first two innings, then I was center field for one inning, in the fourth inning I was 3rd base, and in the last inning (the 5th) I was pitcher. I made two runs (I hit one single and one home run). I striked two girls out, when I was pitcher. I made a great catch when I was at 3rd base (she ended up being safe). It really was a great game, I'm really happy!!!!

Sorry, we haven't had a game in SO long! It's rained so much, we can't play 'cause the fields are too wet. What's with this weather: it's the middle of May and some days are as wet and as cold as winter! Then some
Do you like my header (my big picture at the top of the screen)? It's suppose to be a softball ball flying over a softball field. I had to improvise with two different pictures (one being a PNG) and some text with some special effects (glow and lower opacity), because I couldn't find the right picture and I didn't have any other way to like edit or anything.

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