We had a great game today, we won (by a lot). I asked in the beginning of the first inning and it was 10-1, we did 5 innings. But I do not know what the score was at the end of the game (we got through 8/10 batters). I was left field the first two innings, then I was center field for one inning, in the fourth inning I was 3rd base, and in the last inning (the 5th) I was pitcher. I made two runs (I hit one single and one home run). I striked two girls out, when I was pitcher. I made a great catch when I was at 3rd base (she ended up being safe). It really was a great game, I'm really happy!!!!


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    I love softball! I play on a team called the 'Flygirls' (we voted on the name ourselves). I am either pitcher or 3rd base.


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