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When I go to her concert I am going to write the lines to one of her songs. She writes a line of one of her fave singers on her arm for every concert.
I am going to do a little biography of Taylor Swift. I am just going to bullet points and facts. I am going to research for my information, I also have a book on Taylor Swift (it's called 'Taylor Swift' by Andrew Vaughan, I got it for my birthday) I don't know, I'll have to wait and see what I come up with... If you have any facts you would like to share (about Taylor Swift) please do, make a comment. [click on Read More to read more about Taylor Swift]

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 I love Taylor Swift and still do even though my friend insist that she is going to  end up a crazy cat lady. It's not going to happen! 
You probably have realized I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift. My awesome cousin even got me tickets! (see family is important) I'm going to the  Pennsylvania Red concert in July, this summer! Whoever drives me there better cover their car in plastic. Because, I am going to make my poster so red and glittery they are going to find red glitter in their car for months.
I love Taylor Swift! I think she is the best! Like I said on my blog: I think she is a good role model and just plain an amazing person! 


    I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! She is my idol. I am going to one of her Red concerts this summer! July 20th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!!!!  =)